Vacuuming DDoS attacks: the force of the our network

Indispensable network capacity

The principle of DDoS attacks is to overload services. Sometimes the provider's entire network is incapable of handling the load.

Thanks to its 11 Tbps network, our infrastructure can absorb a very high quantity of traffic during attacks, much more than the services offered by competitors.

Multipoint vacuuming: a real advantage

When the attack is global, the mitigation services, replicated in 7 data centers across 3 continents, activate simultaneously to combine their power and absorb the traffic. Their total capacity mitigation is more than 2 Tbps.

Other customers and services will not be affected at all.

Situation normal: vacuuming is not active.

Attack detected: multipoint vacuuming is activated, enabling the analysis and mitigation of the traffic on 3 VACs.